Angular JS (In-House Internship)

Angular JS

Learning Outcomes

Front End Development with Basic Angular JS course includes HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery and Basic Angular JS. This course covers front-end starting from scratch. By the end of the Front End Development course student will have a clear idea about Front End Development and student can build a dynamic website.

*** Freelancing guide will be provided within the classes.

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Course Syllabus

  •  Creating a New Photoshop Document
  •  Photoshop Environment: The Toolbar – Part 1
  •  Photoshop Environment: The Toolbar – Part 2
  •  Photoshop Environment: Palettes
  •  Photoshop Environment: The Menu
  •  Photo Enhancement & Manipulation
  •  HTML Fundamentals, First Webpage, Course Files
  •  The Basics of HTML: Tags, Attributes, Elements
  •  Basic File & Folder Structure of a Website
  •  Your Must Have Tool: A Good Code Editor
  •  Hello World: Create Your Very First Web Page!
  •  HTML Tags, Code a Real Web Page
  •  Basic Structure of an HTML Document
  •  Heading & Paragraph Tags
  •  Using Emphasis & Strong Emphasis
  • Hyperlinks
  •  Lists
  •  Images
  •  Tables
  •  Forms
  •  HTML Entities & “Special Characters”
  •  HTML Project: Code a Basic Web Page
  • Advanced HTML Techniques, HTML5
  •  IDs & Classes
  •  Span & Div Tags
  •  Intro to HTML5 Tags: Header, Footer, Nav, Section, Article, Aside & Time
  •  HTML5 Project: Build a Basic HTML5 Web Page
  •  Essentials of CSS + Download Course Files
  •  What is CSS? All the basics you need to know!
  •  Inheritance of Styles
  •  Measurements & The Box Model
  •  Inline CSS
  •  Internal CSS
  •  External CSS
  •  ID & Class Selectors
  •  Descendant Selectors
  •  Grouping Selectors
  •  Specificity
  •  CSS Project: Style an HTML Web Page
  •  Colors
  •  Text Styling & Formatting
  •  Borders
  •  Background Images
  •  Styling Links
  •  CSS Quiz
  •   What is Javascript, The 80/20 Rule + Course Files Download
  •  Internal & External Javascript
  •  Basic Syntax of Javascript (and many other programming languages)
  • Javascript Output
  •  Javascript Variables
  •  Javascript Arrays
  •  Javascript Functions
  •  Javascript If / Else Statements
  •  Javascript Project: Program a Tip Calculator
  •  Javascript Project: Program a Tip Calculator, Part II
  •  What is Responsive Design & Bootstrap?
  •  Getting Started with Bootstrap
  •  Quickly Prototype with the Free Examples
  •  Understanding the Bootstrap Grid System
  •  Responsive (and sexy) Forms
  •  Responsive Tables, Buttons and Images
  •  Helper Classes & Responsive Utilities
  •  Using Glyphicons (Font Icons)
  •  Bootstrap Navbar
  •  Bootstrap Modal Window
  •  Bootstrap ScrollSpy
  •  Togglable Tabs
  • Sliding Carouse
  •  Bootstrap Project: Startup Website, Part 2
  •  What is Web Hosting?
  •  Purchasing a Bundled Domain Name & Hosting Package
  •  The Hosting Control Panel (a.k.a. cPanel)
  •  Understanding FTP & How to Upload a Website to Your Live Server

*Freelancing/Outsourcing guideline will be provided in class, also there will be online support for it.

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