PHP, OOP, Laravel(In-House Internship)

Learn PHP, OOP, Laravel From Laravel

Learning Outcomes

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework now a days. By the end of the Laravel course student will have a clear idea about PHP, OOP concepts & Laravel framework and student can build dynamic application with laravel. We promise you to provide the best training service.

  1. Learn PHP Basic
  2. Learn Object Oriented Programming with PHP
  3. Clear idea on MVC design pattern.
  4. Laravel Basic to Intermadiate
  5. On class project building (Ecommerce site with payment, sms gateway integration)

Please check the course syllabus below.

Pre-requisite: HTML, CSS (Note: Knowledge on basic php will be a plus)

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Course Syllabus

  • Local Development Environment and Software Install
  •  PHP Syntax, Tags, Variables, Superglobals, Constants, Operators.
  •  if, Switch Statements
  •  Loops –
  •  while-do…while-for-break and continue.
  • Numeric array, Associative array, Multidimensional array.
  •  Looping through Arrays.
  •  Array Manipulation Functions Array
  • PHP Date and Time
  •  FORM in PHP
  • PHP File Handling
  •  PHP Session, Cookies
  •  PHP and Ajax
  • Sending Email using mail()
  • Defining a class
  •  Defining a Method, Properties
  •  Access Control Modifiers, Data Access
  •  Class Inheritance
  •  Abstract Class, Final Class, Final Method, Interface.
  •  PHP Traits, Static Keyword.
  •  Namespace

Scalar type hints, Return type declarations, Anonymous classes, Closure::call(), Generator Return Expressions, Generator delegation, null coalesce operator, space ship operator Throwables and others.

  • Installing PHP development environment IDE install
  •  Composer
  •  Git
  •  Creating a Laravel project
  •  Virtual Hosts
  •  Opening a project in the IDE
  • Laravel Structure Overview Routing
  •  Middleware
  •  Laravel Request Lifecycle
  • Controllers
  • Models
  • Views
  •  Library
  •  Helper
  •  Artisan
  •  Encryption
  •  Session
  •  Service Container, Facades
  • Master layout setup
  •  Some more blade features
  • Environment configurations
  •  Migrating
  •  Creating migration and dropping them
  •  Adding columns to existing tables using migrations
  •  Some more migration commands
  • Inserting data Reading Data
  •  Updating Data Deleting Data
  •  Joining Query
  • Reading Data
  •  Reading / Finding with Constraints More ways to retrieve data
  •  Inserting / Saving Data
  •  Eloquent Relationship


  •  Create Admin Panel
  •  Category Management Product Management Order Listing
  •  User Role & Permission
  •  Payment history

Front End:

  •  Home Page with Product Listing.
  •  Search Product
  •  Shopping Cart
  •  Checkout
  •  Payment Method Integration (Paypal, Stripe)
  •  Ajax
  •  Angular JS

*Freelancing/Outsourcing guideline will be provided, also there will be online support for it.