Admission Process for CDIP,UIU - Professional IT Training and In House Software Development Center of UIU

Admission Process for CDIP,UIU

Admission Process for CDIP,UIU

Please Follow the below steps

  1. Visit Certificate Course (
  2. Choose Center for Development of IT Professionals under the Offered Course section.

3. Click +Add button to Select the Course you would like to enroll in.
4. Click on Confirm Course and Create Account by providing the required information.

5. Upon creating your account, you will receive a Payment ID. Kindly save the Payment ID and go to the admission office, UIU to submit a payment of 200 taka as the admission form fee (You can pay online, ex: Bkash).
6. Now you will receive a link through email and message. Go to the link and provide all the information.
7. Submit a photocopy of your certificate/Transcript/NID (If no other option is available). UIU students just submit a photocopy of their University ID Card to the admission office, UIU.
8. You will receive an ID number from the admission office. Therefore, go to the accounts office and Pay the course fee amount (example: 10,000/12,000) using the received ID number.
9. Your Admission is complete.
For any inquiries or assistance, please contact us at 01822612048 (Phone+WhatsApp)


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