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Accounting Management System (With Freelancing Guideline)

Learn Accounting Management System From Accounting


  1. MOHAMMAD AMZAD HOSSAIN, Asst. Professor, BBA in AIS.

  2. S. M Jabid Hasan, Coordinator-CDIP, Webmaster, UIU


Course Coordinator:

James-Bokul sarkar

Dr. James Bakul Sarkar 
Asst. Professor – Accounting & Deputy Director- BBA Program

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Course Syllabus

  •  What you need to know?
  • Is QuickBooks Online right for you?
  • Which online edition should you choose?
  • Creating an account.
  • Setting up sales tax.
  • Creating a customer.
  • Creating a vendor.
  • Importing customers and vendors.
  • Setting up products and services.
  • Setting up billable expenses and time.
  • Working with time tracking.
  • Setting up other lists.
  • Entering a bill.
  • Paying bills.
  • Paying directly by check or credit card.
  • Creating an invoice.
  • Handling a customer credit or refund.
  • Creating a sales receipt for a cash sale.
  • Receiving and depositing payments.
  • Receiving and depositing payments.
  • Setting up banking rules.
  • Downloading online banking transactions.
  • Reconciling transactions to bank statement.
  • Running and sending a report.
  • Customizing a report.
  • Setting up additional users.
  • Paying sales tax.
  • Automating recurring transactions.
  • Handling depreciation.
  • Adding Company Details
  • Adding Customers
  • Editing Customer Accounts
  • Raising Sales/Customer Invoices
  • Adding Suppliers (Contacts)
  • Recording Supplier (Purchase) Invoices
  • Editing Supplier Contacts
  • Raising and Recording Credit Notes
  • Chart of Accounts
  • How to Edit Accounts (Chart of Accounts)
  • How to Add New Accounts (Chart of Accounts)
  • Adding Bank Accounts on Xero
  • Recording Bank Payments and Receipts

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