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Front End and Back End Development with ASP.Net, MVC and MS Sql Server

CDIP offers the certificate course on Front End and Back End Development with ASP.Net,MVC and MS Sql Server.ASP.NET is the most popular C# framework now a days. By the end of the ASP.NET course student will have a clear idea about C# &  ASP.NET framework and student can build dynamic application with ASP.NET. We promise you to provide the best training service.

Name: Forhad Hossain

Designation: Assistant Manager

Company: Bitopi Group

Experience: 8 Years


Front End Syllabus 

 Bootstrap basic 

  • First Web Page With Bootstrap And Bootstrap Text / Typography 
  • Bootstrap Buttons 
  • Bootstrap Button Groups 
  • Bootstrap Glyphicons 
  • Bootstrap Badges and Labels 
  • Bootstraps Progress Bars 
  • Bootstrap Pagination 
  • Bootstrap Pager 
  • Bootstrap List Groups 
  • Bootstrap Navigation Bar 
  • Bootstrap Forms 
  • Bootstrap Input 
  • Bootstrap Case 


  • Conditionals and Functions. 
  • Scope and Arrays. 
  • Loops and Iteration. 
  • Objects. 
  • Errors and Debugging. 
  • Capstone. | Built-In Object. 
  • Project with Maps API 

Back End (Section 1) 

  • Introduction to C# and .NET Framework 
  • Primitive Types and Expressions 
  • Non-Primitive Types HTML & CSS Revised 

Back End (Section 2) 

  • Control Flow 
  • Arrays and Lists 
  • Classes 

Back End (Section 3) 

  • Association between Classes 
  • Inheritance 
  • Access Modifiers 

Back End (Section 4) 

  • Polymorphism 
  • Abstract Class 
  • Interfaces 

Back End (Section 5) 

  • Overview C# (OOP) 

Back End (Section 6) 

  • Introduction to Microsoft Technology, Visual Studio .Net 
  • Object Oriented Programming Overview 
  • Built-in Validation Control using in 
  • Web page Design 
  • page validation in server side and client side. 

Back End (Section 7) 

  • Database Connectivity 
  • ADO.NET 
  • C# Class Library 
  • Data Binding 
  • Layer Architecture 
  • Exception Handling in C# 
  • Grid Data Manipulation through Win/Web 

Back End (Section 8) 

  •  Sending e-mails from 
  •  File Access / File Upload in 
  •  Working with Image data in C# 
  •  Create and Using of User Control in 
  • Ajax 
  •  jQuery in 
  •  Server side and client Side state management. 

Back End (Section 9) 

  • Entity Framework Tutorial 
  • Manipulate Data (Insert update delete) by Entity Framework 
  • Populate Data in Grid view by Entity 
  • Menu Generation in win-form application. 
  • application in Windows Form 

Back End (Section 10) 

  • Populate Data in Grid view data by Entity 
  • LINQ Overview, environment 
  • LINQ Query Operator 
  • LINQ to SQL, Object, Dataset, XML, Entities 
  • Lambda Expression 
  • Menu Generation in win-form application. 
  • Creating a small application in Windows Form 

Back End (Section 11) 

  • Microsoft SQL Server Overview 
  • SQL Server Data types 
  • Structure Query Language (SQL) 
  • SQL Server Management Studio 
  • Create Table 
  • SQL Server : Tables Join Technique (Inner Join, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, FULL JOIN, CROS JOIN) 

Section 12: (Project) 

  •  Project Documentation 
  •  Project Architecture Design 
  •  Database Design 
  •  Project Submission Date 

  • Students will gain proper knowledge about the architecture of ASP.NET MVC.
  • After completing this course student can create any kind of real life project using ASP.NET MVC.
  • Students will expert to divide the application into multiple modules using Areas.
  • Critical thinking will be improved through producing conceptual data models and solving relational algebra and SQL query problems.