Full Stack Laravel-React Development - Professional IT Training and In House Software Development Center of UIU

Full Stack Laravel-React Development

CDIP offers the Full Stack Web Development certificate course with Laravel & React. Laravel is the most popular PHP framework nowadays. By the end of the Laravel course student will have a clear idea about OOP concepts & Laravel framework and can build dynamic applications with Laravel. We promise you to provide the best training service.

Academic Course Benefits:

  • Web Programming.
  • System Analysis and Design & Lab.
  • Software Engineering & Lab.
  • Final Year Project/Capstone Project.

Real-Life Industry Driven Project Work Scope.

Name: Asif Ahmed

Designation: Project Manager

Company: BJIT

Experience: 13+ years

linkedin: https://bd.linkedin.com/in/asifahmedbd

Class 1

            Discussions on Laravel framework, prepare server, PHP Basic (variable, string, array, etc).

Class 2
            OOP Basic, Install composer, git, Laravel framework, MVC architecture.

Class 3
            Laravel folder structure, ARTISAN CLI, basic routing, Controller, Views, Middleware.

Class 4
            Database Migrations, Seeding, Factories and Tinkers.

Class 5
            Set up custom admin panel using ADMINLTE template (basic authentication).

Class 6
            Dashboard, Category/subcategory Management; Category CRUD.

Class 7
            Product CRUD, product search & multiple image upload.

Class 8
            User Role and Permission Management, Localization settings (Bangla & English).

Class 9
            Order tracking management.

            Workshop By Industry People
            Project Demonstration

Class 10
            React basic (Components, Props, Events, Lists, Forms, Router, etc).

Class 11
            React advance (Hooks, useState, useEffect, Sass Styling).

Class 12
            Build API for products, category, user information, etc.

Class 13
            Prepare project homepage using React functional components.

Class 14
            Prepare product lists and about us page.

            Workshop By Industry People
            Project Demonstration

Class 15
            Prepare product details and contact us page.

Class 16
            Prepare checkout and order submit page.

Class 17
            Payment gateway integration with email feature.

Class 18
            Project deployment in cPanel server and general discussions.

            Project Presentation & Eligibility for Certification

  • Classes in Lab by Industry People 
  • Workshops by Industry People
  • Job Interview by Industry People
  • Project Development and Demonstration
  • Certificate from UIU
  • CV forwarding to Industry by CDIP, UIU