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Full Stack Web Development with Next.js

We are offering Full Stack Web Development with Next.JS with the slogan “Migration from Academy to Industry” to prepare students for their upcoming industry life and how to prepare themself to be an impactful person.NextJS is becoming the most popular JS framework nowadays. By the end of the Full Stack Web Development with Next.js course students will have a clear idea about the NextJS framework and students can build dynamic applications with NextJS. We promise you to provide the best training service.

Academic Course Benefits:

  • Web Programming.
  • System Analysis and Design & Lab.
  • Software Engineering & Lab.
  • Final Year Project/Capstone Project.

Real-Life Industry Driven Project Work Scope. 

Name: Sabber Ahmed

Designation: Tech lead

Company: Binary Quest Ltd.

Experience: 13 Years

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabber-ahammed-1124b889/

Module 1: Introduction to Web Development and React.js (2 Classes)

➔Introduction to web development concepts

➔Overview of React.js and its role in modern web development

➔Setting up a development environment for React.js

➔Creating and rendering components in React.js

➔Managing state and handling events in React.js

Module 2: React.js Fundamentals (2 Classes)

➔Understanding JSX syntax and component lifecycle in React.js

➔Working with React Router for client-side routing

➔Building forms and handling form inputs in React.js

➔Styling React components with CSS and CSS-in-JS libraries

➔Introduction to React context for state management

Module 3: Next.js Basics and Server-side Rendering (2 Classes)

➔Introduction to Next.js and its benefits

➔Setting up a Next.js project and understanding the file structure

➔Next.js file-based routing and dynamic routes

➔Implementing server-side rendering (SSR) with Next.js

➔Using the Link component for client-side navigation in Next.js

Module 4: Data Fetching and API Integration with Next.js (2 Classes)

➔Next.js data fetching methods: getStaticProps and getServerSideProps

➔Fetching data from .NET REST API endpoints

➔Handling loading states and errors in data fetching

➔Caching and incremental static regeneration (ISR) in Next.js

Module 5: Next.js Routing and Navigation (2 Classes)

➔Next.js dynamic routes and route parameters

➔Implementing client-side routing with Next.js Router

➔Customizing URLs and working with query parameters in Next.js

➔Navigating between pages using Next.js Link component

Module 6: State Management and Context in Next.js (2 Classes)

➔Managing state with React hooks in Next.js

➔Implementing state management with React context in Next.js

➔Server-side rendering (SSR) with state management in Next.js

➔Introduction to Redux for complex state management in Next.js

Module 7: Next.js API Routes and Backend Integration (2 Classes)

➔Building API routes in Next.js for serverless functions

➔Handling server-side logic and authentication in API routes

➔Integrating Next.js with REST API for data retrieval

➔Securing API routes and handling authorization in Next.js

                   Workshop by Industry Peopl

Module 8: SEO and Performance Optimization in Next.js (1 Classes)

➔Implementing SEO best practices in Next.js

➔Managing metadata and Open Graph tags in Next.js

➔Optimizing performance with code splitting and lazy loading

➔Caching and server-side rendering (SSR) optimization techniques

Module 9: Deployment and Production-Ready Apps (1 Classes)

➔Preparing a Next.js app for production deployment

➔Choosing hosting options and deploying Next.js apps

➔Setting up continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) for Next.js

➔Monitoring and error handling strategies for Next.js apps

Module 10: Advanced Topics and Project Showcase (1 Classes)

➔Exploring advanced features and libraries in Next.js and React.js

➔Integrating Next.js with headless CMS platforms

➔Showcase of real-world Next.js projects and case studies

➔Promoting code quality and best practices in web development

                   Workshop by Industry People

Module 11

Final Project Presentation & Eligibility for Certification

  • Classes in Lab
  • Two Workshops
  • Project Development and Demonstration
  • Certificate from UIU
  • CV forwarding to Industry by CDIP, UIU