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Game Design & Development with Unity (2d)

Learn Game Design & Development From Game Developer

Learning Outcomes

Game Design & Development with Unity (2d) is the most popular term now a days. By the end of this course student will have a clear idea about Game Design & Development in Unity platform. Lets check the instructor point of view

  1. The first thing and the easiest thing you will find out in the job market that you have spent your free time to learn a course and you are experience with the game development with a full game that shipped to the #GooglePlayStore (specifically).
  2. The 2nd thing you will be benefited from the outsourcing market such as #Freelancer,#Upwork and #fiver by developing 2D games or cross platform application using unity. I had created an application using unity (for both Android & iOS) which was feature in #Malaysia for 3 week where the client was from UK.
  3. 3rd and the most promising thing to me is to start your own “Indie Development” studio by making your own game, teaming up with the #GameArtist , #SoundEngineer or someone who knows about the #AppMarketing to publish your own product. This one I like the most is because I do believe our country have more talent that anywhere in the world, cause the developed countries are taking our brain and making their fine product and selling around the world. So if those brain from #Bangladesh can do it, why not you? Isn’t it worth a try?


Instructor Profile: Muhammad Tashfiqul Bari

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Course Syllabus

  •  How to “Game Design”.
  •  How to “Create & Manage Team”.
  •  How to “Develop & Evaluate” in the development process.
  •  How to “Market” your game.
  •  Completing the “High Concept Document” for your game idea.
  • Installing “Unity”.
  •  Understanding the “User Interface”.
  •  Understanding the “Transform” (Basic).
  •  Understanding the “Rigidbody” (Basic).
  •  Understanding the “Collider” (Basic).
  •  Understanding the “Sprite Renderer” (Basic).
  •  Implementation (Basic).
  • Understanding Tag.
  •  Understanding Layer.
  •  Understanding the “Transform” (Advanced).
  •  Understanding the “Rigidbody” (Advanced).
  •  Understanding the “Collider” (Advanced).
  •  Understanding the “Sprite Renderer” (Advanced).
  •  Implementation (Advanced).
  • Understanding “Sorting Layer”.
  •  Understanding “Animation”.
  •  Understanding “Animator”.
  •  Understanding “Particle System”.
  •  Understanding “Script Commenting”.
  •  Implementation (Advanced).
  • Understanding “Game Architecture” for scripting (Game Manager).
  •  Understanding “Dynamic World Generation”.
  •  Understanding the efficient way to “Scripting”.
  •  Discussing with the “Game Idea” (User Review).
  • Understanding the UI Elements.
  •  Understanding Canvas.
  •  Understanding “Image” component.
  • Understanding “Text” Component.
  •  Understanding “Button” Component.
  • Understanding App Monetization.
  •  Understanding Admob.
  •  Understanding “Banner” Ads.
  •  Understanding “Interstitial” Ads.
  •  Understanding “Reward Interstitial” Ads
  • Understanding “In App Purchase”
  •  Understanding “In App Purchase” with “Unity Services”.
  •  How to use “Bit Bucket” for the game development
  • Understanding the concept of “Out Sourcing”.
  •  Introducing Them with “UpWork” & Job opportunity.
  •  How to apply for job related to “Game Design & Development”.
  •  How to make strong profile with other “Certification” & live project.
  • Making your game: Part – 1
  • Making your game: Part – 2
  • Making your game: Part – 3
  • Finalizing & Publishing your game to the website.

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