Graphic, UI Design & 2D Animation Training (With Freelancing Guideline) - Professional IT Training and In House Software Development Center of UIU

Graphic, UI Design & 2D Animation Training (With Freelancing Guideline)

CDIP offers the certificate course on Graphic, UI Design & 2D Animation Training.Graphic Design is the most popular term now a days. By the end of the Graphic Design course student will have a clear idea about  Graphic Design elements & tools and student can able to create any type design of with Graphic Design. We promise you to provide the best training service.

Name: Fahad Hassan

Designation: Sr. Graphic Designer

Company: UIU

Experience: 6 Years


Graphic Design Theory 

  • The Anatomy of Typography 
  • Different Type Styles 
  • Color Theory: Color Wheel 
  • Photos in Design 
  • Layout and Blocking in Design 


Adobe Photoshop (Introduction and Tools) 

  • Introduction to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite 
  • Photoshop Setup and Basics 
  • Photo Editing Basics 
  • Duotones and Color Transitions 
  • Cutting Out Objects and People 
  • Content Aware Tool 
  • Spot Healing Brush Tool 
  • Layering Masks 

Photoshop Editing and Manipulation Basics 

  • Photo Manipulation 
  • Non-destructive Editing 

Adobe Photoshop Projects 

  • Design a Social Media Graphic 
  • Glass Project 

Adobe Illustrator (Basics) 

  • Adobe Illustrator Introduction 
  • Introduction to the Pen Tool 
  • The Curvature Tool 
  • Creating Shapes Using the Grid System 
  • Shape Builder Tool 
  • Logo Building Basics 


Logo Design a Branding Theory 

  • Characteristics of Solid Logo Designs 
  • Logo Inspirations 
  • Mood Boards 
  • The WHOLE Brand 

Adobe Illustrator Projects 

  • Design A Branding Package 
  • Business Card Design 
  • Branding Standards Manual 

Adobe InDesign Basic 

  • Design a Magazine 

Basic Animation In After Effects 

  • Intro to After Effects 
  • Animate with presets 
  • Creating custom animations 
  • Animating text 
  • Animate a cartoon character 

Mobile App Design in Photoshop 

  • Photoshop CC crash review 
  • Uber App Design for Material Design 
  • The Color and Typography 


  • Adobe Photoshop CC 
  • Adobe Illustrator CC 
  • Adobe In Design CC 
  • Adobe After Effect CC 


*Freelancing/Outsourcing guideline will be provided, also there will be online support for it. 

  • Students will able to create any kind of graphic design.
  • Students can use graphic design principles in development.
  • Confidently participate in professional management work space.
  • Employ best practices and management in the design profession and within a collaborative work environment.
  • Analyze, synthesize, and utilize design processes and strategy from concept to delivery to creatively solve communication problems.