Python & Big Data Analysis Course in Dhaka at CDIP, UIU

Introduction to Python and Big Data Analysis

CDIP offers the certificate course on Introduction to Python and Big Data Analysis. Nowadays, Data Science is the most demanding profession in the software industry. To be a Data Scientist one should have a vast knowledge of Big Data and Machine Learning. For both cases, python provides best packages and libraries. In this course, a student will not only learn the basic of python but also the data analysis on Big Data.

Name: Sifatur Rahim

Designation: Senior Data Analyst

Company: Pathao

Experience: 14+ Years


Basic python Part 1

  • Overview – of Linux (Ubuntu), Linux filesystem
  • Ubuntu command line (terminal) tricks 
  • Environment Setup, Python intro, package manager (pip)
  • Basic Syntax
  • Variable Types

Basic python Part 2

  • Basic Operators
  • Decision Making
  • Loops
  • Numbers
  • Strings

Basic python Part 3

  • Arrays
  • Matrix
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Dictionary
  • Images
  •  Tables
  •  Forms

Basic Python Part-4

  • Date & Time
  • Functions
  • Modules
  • Files I/O
  • Exceptions

Advanced python Part 1

  • Classes/Objects
  • Reg Expressions
  • Database Access

Advanced python Part 2

  • Sending Email
  • JSON Processing
  • Logging


  • Why database
  • Postgres DB
  • Understanding Database design of standard project
  • Standard DB operations
  • SQL Tricks for better data operations 


Pandas (intro)

  • Understanding padas dataframe
  • Load dataframe from csv/excel
  • Database connection and execute query
  • Dataframe filtering and storing result to CSV, Excel
  • Kaggle dataset analysis

Big data

 Big Data Concept

  •    Structure concept (Hadoop, Spark)
  •    When to choose what.  Data collection (Open dataSets)

Big Data Part 2 (PySpark)


  •      AWS EMR (and related basics of AWS like ec2, S3)
  •      Run example with Hive, Hue
  •      Example with PySpark (from Kaggle dataset)


  • Students can gain proper idea about Script writing using Python.
  • Student can Identify Proper objective types and can build Python Modules for reusability.
  • Exception & Error handeling in Python.
  • Data Analysis using Python scripts.
  • Students will learn different types of open-source relational database management system.
  • Big Data Analysis Using Pyspark, Numpy & Pandas.
  • Student will expert to find the result using Data analysis.


November 2019


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