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Mastering in Database Design and Development (MS SQL SERVER)

CDIP offers the certificate course on Mastering in Database Design and Development. Nowadays Databases are used in every sector like bank, hospital, educational institution and social media( Google, facebook, twitter). We will provide hands-on training on Database. This Course is for who wants to be very skillfull in Database.

Name: Forhad Hossain

Designation: Assistant Manager

Company: Bitopi Group

Experience: 8 Years


DAY 1:

  • Introduction and Database Overview
  • Introduction To MS SQL Database
  • Understanding SQL Types of Commands
  • SQL Server Data types
  • DDL Command / DML Commands
  • Understanding The RDBMS
  • Database Normalization
  • Database Constraints

DAY 2:

  • Sql server join types
  • Inner join
  • Left Join
  • Right Join
  • Full Join
  • Cross Join
  • Merge Join
  • Self Join
  • Pivot/Unpivot

DAY 3:

  • Views
  • Scaler Function
  • Table Valued Function
  • Store Procedure,
  • SQL Cursor
  • Sub-Query
  • Trigger
  • Change Data Capture CDC
  • Temporal Table

DAY 4:

  • Database Backup/Restore
  • Database Maintenance
  • Job / Scheduling
  • Database Mail Configuring
  • Creating and Configuring Alerts
  • Associating alerts with jobs
  • Creating and Using Operators

Day 5:


  • SQL Server Security Architecture
  • Defining Principals and Securables
  • Using the Security Hierarchy
  • Creating Logins and Users
  • Applying Password Policies to SQL Logins
  • Creating Roles
  • Granting Permissions

Day 6:

  • Indexing
  • Describing Index Structures
  • Clustered Indexes
  • Nonclustered (NC) Indexes
  • Choosing Appropriate Clustered Index
  • Choosing Appropriate NC Indexes
  • Detecting Index Fragmentation
  • Rebuilding and Reorganizing Indexes
  • Using the Database Engine Tuning Advisor

Day 7:

  • Database Advance features
  • Spatial Data
  • Connecting database with BI Tools
  • Data Encrypted
  • Dynamic Data Masking
  • Row Level Security
  • Query Store

DAY 8:

  • Linked Server
  • Database Design based on a project
  • SQL Server Reporting Service
  • Student will be very skillful to work with the real life database program for any organization.
  • Critical thinking will be improved through producing conceptual data models and solving relational algebra and SQL query problems.
  • Create and understand the application of user roles, privileges, and the security of the database.
  • Understand and apply database statistics in relation to performance and integrity of the database.
  • ¬†Student can design any kind of database.