Python and Django For Web & API Development- Best Hands on Training

Python and Django For Web Development & API Development

CDIP offers the certificate course on Python and Django For Web Development & API Development. Django REST framework is a powerful and flexible toolkit for building Web APIs.Nowadays, Django is an extremely popular and fully featured server-side web framework, written in Python. The module shows you why Django is one of the most popular web server frameworks, how to set up a development environment, and how to start using it to create your own API. Python provides best packages and libraries.

Batch 4 Class has already started on 26th February 2021.

Name: Rakib Hasan

Designation: Head of Engineering

Company: Evaly

Experience: 7 Years


Lesson 1: Basic python and docker and git


  • Python basic data types
  • List comprehension,
  • Iterator and Generator
  • Python statement
  • Basic OOP
  • Functions
  • Setup ‘virtualenv’ and ‘virtualenvwrapper’ for separating the package installation from system python.


  • What is Docker
  • Installing docker
  • How to write Dockerfile
  • How to write docker-compose.yml
  • Why docker over the local development environment
  • Introduction to DockerHub


  • What is git and version controlling
  • Using git for source code hosting

Lesson 2: Introduction to Django and Postgres


  • What is RDBMS
  • Why Postgres with Django
  • Run Postgres from Docker
  • Basic Postgres database setup
  • Run some basic Postgres agnostic SQL queries.


  • Installing Django
  • Dockerize the Django application
  • Django’s default management commands
  • Connect the Django application with Postgresql
  • Different ways to run the Django application (using management command and Gunicorn)

Lesson 3: Dockerize a Django application with persistent database

Lesson 4: Django model, urls and views

  • What is the difference between project and app
  • Creating a Django app
  • Creating a model, URL and Views
  • Functional view and Class-based view

Lesson 5: Templating

  • Django template rendering from views
  • Pass context from view to template

Lesson 6: Django admin panel extension

  • What is Django admin
  • Usage of Django admin
  • Extend Django admin template
  • Introduction to different admin panel projects

Lesson 7: Middleware and command-line interface

  • API development concepts
  • What is REST API and how to design API
  • What is middleware and how to write middleware in Django
  • What is the command-line interface?
  • Writing and executing commands in Django
  • Understanding Django shell

Lesson 8: Django Rest Framework (DRF)

  • Introduction to Django REST Framework (DRF)
  • DRF permission classes, views, transformers
  • Serializers
  • Nested object representation with the serializer
  • DRF test client

Lesson 9: Django queryset

  • what is Django query set
  • Django queryset options and filtering
  • Implement Django queryset with DRF

Lesson 10: Unit and API testing using Django Suit

  • What is software testing
  • How to write a Unit test and integration test in Django
  • Calculating test coverage using Django Nose

Lesson 11: API development with Django

  • Develop API using Django and DRF
  • CRUD operation
  • Choosing a project for each student and work around it

Supervising Student Projects and help them to complete.

  • Web Based Project(Project will be selected by discussing with students)
  •  API Project.
  • After successfully completing this course student will have enough knowledge to build any Industry-level projects.
  • Student can Identify Proper objective types and can build Python Modules for reusability.
  • Exception & Error handeling in Python.
  • Students will learn proper knowledge about Web Development using python. 
  • Students will learn different types of open-source relational database management system.
  • Students will gain proper idea about API Development.
  • Students will extept to writting & executing command in Django.
  • Students will learn how to design proper API.
  • Software testing using Django.
  • Each will build a different API.


November 2019


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