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PHP OOP Laravel

CDIP offers the certificate course on PHP, OOP & Laravel. Laravel is the most popular PHP framework now a days. By the end of the Laravel course student will have a clear idea about PHP, OOP concepts & Laravel framework and student can build dynamic application with laravel. We promise you to provide the best training service.

Academic Course Benefits:

  • Object Oriented Programming & Lab.
  • Web Programming.
  • System Analysis and Design & Lab.
  • Software Engineering & Lab.
  • Database Management Systems & Lab.
  • Final Year Project/Capstone Project.

Real Life Industry Driven Project Work Scope.

Name: Asif Ahmed

Designation: Team Lead

Company: BJIT

Experience: 13+ years



  • Local Development Environment and Software Install 
  •  PHP Syntax, Tags, Variables, Superglobals, Constants, Operators. 

Control Structures 

  •  if, Switch Statements 
  •  Loops – 
  •  while-do…while-for-break and continue. 


  • Numeric array, Associative array, Multidimensional array. 
  •  Looping through Arrays. 
  •  Array Manipulation Functions Array 

Common Features 

  • PHP Date and Time 
  •  FORM in PHP 
  • PHP File Handling 
  •  PHP Session, Cookies 
  •  PHP and Ajax 
  • Sending Email using mail() 

OOP Fundamentals 

  • Defining a class 
  •  Defining a Method, Properties 
  •  Access Control Modifiers, Data Access 
  •  Class Inheritance 
  •  Abstract Class, Final Class, Final Method, Interface. 
  •  PHP Traits, Static Keyword. 
  •  Namespace 

PHP 7 New Features 

Scalar type hints, Return type declarations, Anonymous classes, Closure::call(), Generator Return Expressions, Generator delegation, null coalesce operator, space ship operator Throwables and others. 

Windows – Local Environment Setup 

  • Installing PHP development environment IDE install 
  •  Composer 
  •  Git 
  •  Creating a Laravel project 
  •  Virtual Hosts 
  •  Opening a project in the IDE 

Laravel Fundamentals 

  • Laravel Structure Overview Routing 
  •  Middleware 
  •  Laravel Request Lifecycle 

Laravel Fundamentals – MVC & Other 

  • Controllers 
  • Models 
  • Views 
  •  Library 
  •  Helper 
  •  Artisan 
  •  Encryption 
  •  Session 
  •  Service Container, Facades 

Laravel Fundamentals – Laravel Blade templating engine 

  • Master layout setup 
  •  Some more blade features 

Laravel Fundamentals – Database – Laravel Migrations 

  • Environment configurations 
  •  Migrating 
  •  Creating migration and dropping them 
  •  Adding columns to existing tables using migrations 
  •  Some more migration commands 

Laravel Fundamentals – Query builder 

  • Inserting data Reading Data 
  •  Updating Data Deleting Data 
  •  Joining Query 

Laravel Fundamentals – Database – Eloquent / ORM 

  • Reading Data 
  •  Reading / Finding with Constraints More ways to retrieve data 
  •  Inserting / Saving Data 
  •  Eloquent Relationship 

Project: Create a basic ecommerce site with Laravel. 


  •  Create Admin Panel 
  •  Category Management Product Management Order Listing 
  •  User Role & Permission 
  •  Payment history 

Front End: 

  •  Home Page with Product Listing. 
  •  Search Product 
  •  Shopping Cart 
  •  Checkout 
  •  Payment Method Integration (Paypal, Stripe) 
  •  Ajax 
  •  Angular JS 


Final Presentation (1 Class) 

  • PHP
  • Object Oriented Programming with PHP
  • Clear idea on MVC design pattern.
  • Laravel Basic to Intermadiate
  • On class project building (Ecommerce site with payment, sms gateway integration)