Admission & Fees

Students are asked to read the full content carfully

Sl Course Name Duration Class day & Time Total Amount for UIU (After Discount) Total Amount For CDIP Ex Students(After Discount) Total Amount for Non UIU (After Discount) Original Course Fee Status
1 Web Design & Development with Freelancing (outsourcing) 96Hours- 32 Classes Friday & Saturday, 9AM-12PM 12000 10000 13000 15000  Admission Closed  For Fall 2017
2 Graphic Design Training with Freelancing (outsourcing) 72 Hours- 24 Classes Friday & Saturday, 3pm-6PM 10000 9000 11000 12000 Admission Closed For Fall 2017
3 Professional C# & ASP .NET MVC Training 60 Hours- 20 Classes Friday, 6PM-9PM 8400 7200 9600 12000 Pre-Registration Open- Click Here
4 Professional PHP (Basic), OOP & Laravel Training with Freelancing (Outsourcing ) 75 Hours- 25 Classes Friday, 9AM-12PM 10500 9000 12000 15000 Pre-Registration Open- Click Here
5 Professional WordPress Training with Freelancing (outsourcing) 72Hours-   24 Classes Friday & Saturday, 9AM-12PM 10500 9000 12000 15000 Pre-Registration Open- Click Here
6 Game Design & Development (2D) with Unity 36 Hours- 12 Classes Thursday & Saturday, 9AM-12PM 5000 5000 5000 8000 Pre-Registration Open- Click Here
7 Animation 2D with After Effects   36 Hours- 12 Classes Friday & Saturday, 9AM-12PM 5000 5000 5000 8000 Pre-Registration Open- Click Here
8 Digital Marketing and SEO 36 Hours- 12 classes Friday & Saturday, 9AM-12PM 6000 6000 7000 12000 Pre-Registration Open- Click Here
9 Accounting Management System (QuickBooks & Xero) 45 Hours- 15 classes Friday & Saturday, 9AM-12PM 9000 N/A 10000 12000 Admission Closed  For Fall 2017


Payment Policy:

  • Admission form fee- TK 300/-
  • 50% of the course fee during admission time (Admission form fee not included).
  • 50% of the course fee within one month after the classes start.
  • All Payments are non-refundable (Only refundable when course is not started due to lack of students).
  • All students must accept the payment policy to enroll in this course. 

Terms & Conditions:

  • All students must follow the general guidelines of UIU
  • All classes will remain suspended during UIU Mid term & Final exam.
  • A course might take longer time than the expected time due to any unforeseen circumstances.
  • To start a course the number of students should be 15+.
  • CDIP authority shall have the full right to cancel or drop any course if the number of enrolled students are insufficient.
  • Transfer from previous batch to next batch will be possible on medical ground only. In that case a student must pay 50% damarage fees in addition to original course fee. Previous due of the students also should be cleared.
  • Pre-registration does not confirm your seats.

Document required during admission for UIU/NON UIU Students:

For UIU students:

  • A passport size Photograph

For NON-UIU students:

  • 1 copy passport and 1 copy stamp size recent photograph.
  • Identity verification document. i.e Copy of NID or Passport or Driving License or Birth Certificate.
  • A valid phone number and email address must be mentioned in the admission form during admission.

Any query ask for online support or Contact Us via phone.


For Counseling:

Suman Ahmmed

Director, CDIP, Faculty,CSE, UIU

M.Sc & B.Sc Engg. in CSE (BUET)

Room# 108 (Campus-1), Email:

S.M Jabid Hasan

Coordinator, CDIP

Webmaster, UIU

Phone: 01936002248. Room# 4407 (South Building), Email:

For direct admission please contact with Admission Office